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Fitness Fuel Alkaline Water - 32 oz - A Water Enhancer that Increases Hydration

SKU: 61010
Body hydration is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Fuel is a water enhancer which assists in increasing hydration of the body. Hydration plays an important role in allowing you to feel healthier and have more energy throughout the day. For athletes and bodybuilders, Fitness Fuel is great for preventing sore muscles by helping to reduce lactic acid build up during activity. The science behind Fitness Fuel: As a "reducing water" Fitness Fuel has the ability to change bottled water into "Bio Energy Water" by giving off oxygen ions and thereby "reducing itself in molecular size." Increasing oxygen ions in the blood creates energy. Think of this as an energy drink with no caffeine and no sugar. Little known fact: The Japanese freeze it and add it to their drinks in the form of ice cubes to prevent hangovers. Energy is created by the combustion of minerals consumed in your food. Oxygen is critical to this combustion, which is also known as your "metabolism". Simply add one ounce to a 16 oz bottled water and you will convert that water into 12 hour energy water at a cost of pennies verses dollars spent on energy drinks and shots. More details...
Price: $19.95
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Fitness Fuel  Alkaline Water - 32 oz - A Water Enhancer that Increases Hydration
Fitness Fuel Alkaline Water - 32 oz - A Water Enhancer that Increases Hydration
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Product Details

The Benefits of Electrolyzed Plus Fitness Fuel: Fitness Fuel neutralizes excess acidity, thus helping the body to naturally rid itself of toxic acid waste products to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Here are the specific benefits of drinking Electrolyzed Plus Fitness Fuel Alkaline water.
1. Boost alkalinity to maintain a healthy pH balance.
2. Helps the body rid itself of acid waste products.
3. Neutralizes stomach acids.
4. Helps to prevent hangovers naturally. Just add 1 oz of Fitness Fuel to 16 oz of water before a night out.
5. Helps dissolve the calcium and magnesium deposits, which can build up and cause kidney stones.
6. Neutralize acid urine so the body can remove it safely.
7. Reduces lactic acid build-up to help athletes maintain endurance and performance.
8. Helps fight osteoporosis

Remember, the human body walks a pH balance tightrope. There’s no better way of staying in balance than through the use of Electrolyzed Plus Fitness Fuel. Electrolyzed Plus Fitness Fuel is not a medicine, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Many people have reported an increased sense of well being simply by drinking alkaline water.

Important: Make sure to use filtered, non-chlorinated water while taking this product!

We recommend 2 oz of Fitness Fuel Concentrate per 32 oz of good filtered water (not tap water).


One quart of Fitness Fuel Concentrate will yield 4 gallons of alkaline water.

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"I can't live without it"

Jim on 3/6/2014 2:32:53 PM

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