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How does Dogonit Work?

Dogonit will flush the urine salts out of the root zone and allow the grass to begin to heal itself.  Dogonit also contains ingredients that will convert the urine nitrogen  into beneficial nutrients and help regenerate grass growth..

What if I do not water it in right away?

Dogonit works much like soap does to grease and will break down the urine salts.  It will help flush the salts out but you need water to do the flushing. 

Can I apply Dogonit to the entire lawn?

Yes, it will give the lawn needed organic complexes and surfactants to help the lawn  get healthier.

How often do I need to use Dogonit?

You should be able to get results with one or two applications.  If the dog continues to re mark the same spot, it will become difficult o heal the lawn.  We recommend G-Whiz to be added to the dog’s food or water to neutralize the ammonia internally to prevent the problem of re-marking.

Is Dogonit safe for children and pets?

Yes, there are no herbicides or pesticides in Dogonit.


Does G-Whiz have to stay refrigerated?

No, but it will stay fresher longer under refrigeration.

Are the ingredients in G-Whiz safe?

G-Whiz contains essential amino acids, yucca shidigera and dextrose.  All ingredients in G-Whiz are considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by AFCO (American Feed Control Officials)

Why does G-Whiz work so well?

It helps to understand that under metabolized proteins will create urea and uric acid in the dog’s digestive system, which is the urine ammonia that causes all the problems.  G-Whiz works in the digestive system to help metabolize these proteins and reduces he volume of ammonia in the urine that is causing the burn

Does G-Whiz work better in the water or the food?

We have had customers report that they had success with both, but they seemed to like the water best of all.

 Do I have to use G-Whiz Everyday?

Yes, if you discontinue the use of G-Whiz, your problems will return.

What do I do if I do not get control of my problems right away?

We recommend that you gradually increase the amount of G-Whiz until you do get control.  Once you get o this level, you will be able to gradually reduce the amount you are giving and still get the results you desire.

Can I over dose G-Whiz?

It is hard to give your dog too much G-Whiz, but if you do, you will notice that the stools will become a little looser. 

My dog and Cat drink out of the same bowl, is G-Whiz safe for cats?

Absolutely!  We have the same formulation for G-Whiz for Cats and G-Whiz for Small Animals.  You will notice a great reduction odors in the litter box and you will also extend the life of the litter for cats and small animals.


What are “probiotics”?

Probiotics (pro-life)are the opposite of antibiotics (anti-life).  Beneficial bacteria are introduced into the environment and digest the food that is feeding the pathogenic bacteria.  This is called “competitive exclusion” and since all bacteria have to eat, when the food is gone, they will all die off, even our good guys.

Why are probiotics better than antibiotics?

Super bugs are rapidly making most of the antibiotics in use today ineffective.  It is a well known fact that Bacteria are the ultimate survivors and if not completely killed off, the survivors will mutate and render the antibiotic useless.  It only takes a single bacterium 20 hours to produce a million disease resistant bacteria.  Probiotics use starvation to kill the bacteria. It is impossible to mutate against starvation.

What is in Skunk Free, Itch Free and Dander Free?

Probiotics and de-chlorinated water. Since chlorine is designed to kill bacteria, it will kill our beneficial ones as well.  We do not recommend the use of anti-bacterial products or medications with our probiotic products.

Are these products ‘organic”?

Yes, 100%.


Is there any change in pH by using H2Organic?

Sometimes the use of biological blends of microbes will adjust pH towards neutral. However, this would be more of an issue in a grease trap or in a waste retention holding tank, than in a decorative or a golf course pond.

What is the life span of bacteria in H2Organic after being used in a pond?

The bacteria in H2Organic become active as soon as they are exposed to water. If there is ample food (organic waste) and oxygen, along with the correct temperature and pH ranges in the water, the bacteria will begin to multiply (double in number every 20-40 minutes). Please note:

When you first begin to treat the pond with bacteria, there is more food (organic waste) than there are bacteria in the pond water, because of what has naturally accumulated over the years. Then as the bacteria digest this food, they quickly multiply in number (under favorable conditions). This means you eventually end up with more bacteria than food. At that point, the excess bacteria begin to die off, leaving you eventually with fewer bacteria than food. Then the bacteria begin to thrive on the food supply once again, and the cycle starts over. The goal is to keep a constant supply of fresh aggressive bacteria in a pond throughout the entire Season. At the beginning of every Season, you will also need to reapply bacteria and continue with a consistent dosing program throughout the Season, because the bacteria left over from the previous year will not be sufficient enough to handle the problems in the current year.

Does H2Organic have a slight effect on plankton?

The answer is a definite NO! You will NOT be able to out-compete planktonic algae or duckweed with our bacteria. Nor will you be able to out-compete floating lily pads or rooted plants. Do not use H2Organic for these purposes.

Are you producing or planning to produce bacteria to get rid of planktonic algae?

Our testing confirms that to date, we DO NOT have bacteria that will out-compete plankton. There are a few Companies here is the U.S. that make the claims that their bacteria will control planktonic algae as well as duckweed, but it is a misleading sales pitch. They make their claims based on the fact that the bacteria will take up phosphorus and nitrogen from the water, and because phosphorus and nitrogen feed the plankton as well as the duckweed, the bacteria will out-compete the plankton and duckweed, just as they do the filamentous algae. However, plankton and duckweed will not be affected by the bacteria, because the plankton and duckweed are far too aggressive for bacteria to out-compete. If we find a blend of microbes that can out-compete these things, you will be of the first to know.

How long should you wait after treating a pond with an herbicide before using H2Organic?

You should always wait at least 48 hours before starting the H2Organic Program. This gives the herbicide, algaecide, insecticide, etc. enough time to dilute out in the water, before our microbes are exposed to it. There will still be a small percent of kill, but if the environment is suitable for our microbes, they will quickly reproduce anyway. It is not recommended to wait any longer than 48 hours. Any longer of a wait, after using an algaecide on existing algae for example, just allows more time for new algae to get a head start again on the nutrients in the water. Do not wait any longer than 48 hours.

Is there a residual benefit from using H2Organic from one season to another?

There may be a residual effect of sorts, because some of the microbes will have remained in the pond throughout the winter, but not enough to handle the problems at the beginning of the next Season. We need to re-build the bacterial population at the beginning of every spring and maintain the population of microbes throughout the year, with consistent dosing.

There may be less organic wastes in the pond water starting out the Season this year (recognizable by the degree of clarity in the water, over last Season), but you can not visibly see phosphorus and nitrogen in the water, and these problem nutrients are the cause of the algae. Remember, if the nutrient levels are high enough in your Customer's pond to support algae, then that algae can appear at any given time. So although clarity and / or any odor problems are less this year, because of last years H2Organic Program, the nutrient problems will still exist, if not get worse, every consecutive year. This is very important.

What are the effects of Agricultural Chemicals or Pesticides on H2Organic?

The agricultural chemicals used for turf grass maintenance will NOT affect H2Organic. The only time they are worth considering, is when rain water causes the chemicals to flush into the pond. But even then, the concentrations of chemicals are so low that they will NOT affect H2Organic's overall performance.

The use of pesticides in a pond is a separate issue, however a few points to know are: If you need to apply any pesticides (algaecides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.) directly to the pond water, we recommend you use all of them at the same time. Wait 48 hours before beginning the H2Organic Program. This way the chemicals will not be concentrated enough in the water to affect H2Organic. If you want to use a pesticide after starting the H2Organic Program, you must do so 48 hours before application of weekly maintenance dose of H2Organic. (For the same reasons as above) It is not recommended to wait more that 48 hours after using an algaecide. Any longer of a wait, allows more time for new algae to get a head start again on nutrients in the water.

What are the effects of Chlorine on H2Organic?

The level of chlorine found in drinking water and the hydrants that supply most golf course water will NOT affect H2Organic. Do not worry about these low levels of chlorine.

However, the extreme levels of chlorine used in swimming pools to kill disease-causing bacteria will also kill the bacteria in H2Organic. We DO NOT recommend H2Organic for swimming pools.



What is in Pet Solution RX that makes it so effective?

Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water, a revolutionary 100% natural first aid treatment for pets, pet owners can bring immediate relief to their pets without any fear of doing them harm, and save on unnecessary vet visits.  This specially developed "electrolyzed oxidizing water" has healing hydrogen ions added that lower the pH and becomes an oxygen donator.  This amazing product creates an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal environment, which relieves a host of summertime pet problems.  Pet Solution RX soothes and heals insect bites, watery eyes due to pollen, sunburns, cuts, scrapes and wounds. It heals bacterial and fungal infections such as mange, hot spots, ringworm, and gingivitis. Another extraordinary benefit is its ability to sanitize and neutralize odors in pet bedding, cages, water bowls, toys and more. Pet Solutions RX is 100% safe for pets, children, babies and nursing mothers.  It can be used on all body parts including sensitive eyes and ears, mouth & throat, genitalia and other sensitive skin areas. This product has been proven effective for over 10 years in Asia and has referred to as "miracle water" on Japanese TV.

What can you tell me about Avian Solution RX?

Birds kept in confined environments need to be protected from harmful micro- organisms and parasites. Avian Solution RX stops plucking and bleeding, helps prevent bacterial, viral and fungal problems, helps heal lacerations and other punctures, torn, chipped nails or beaks. Deodorizes and sanitizes cages.and can be used as a bird bath that cleans and disinfects your pet quickly and safely.

What about Herptile RX?

Major causes of disease in captive reptiles are poor management, malnutrition and hygienic procedures. Reptiles kept in a confined area as pets need to be protected from harmful micro-organisms and parasites. Everything you put in their home should be washed and disinfected. This includes dishes, floor covering and cage decor.   Herptile Solution RX hydrates the skin and prevents cracking, deodorizes and sanitizes the environment. Effective for the treatment and prevention of viral, microbial and fungal problems associated with all reptiles .

Why haven’t we seen these products before?

As amazing as the technology is, it is unstable and will change back to regular water within 72 hours.  Earth’s Balance has perfected the technology to stabilize the acid and alkaline water for up tone year, making it available to everyone at a very reasonable price.


Why should my pet drink alkaline water

The New England Journal of Medicine has reported that more than 80-90% of pet skin irritations and other health problems are caused by toxins in your pet's body. These toxins are the root cause of a variety of health symptoms.   Toxins are in our water such as chlorine and fluoride, our foods with all the preservatives, emissions from our cars and in the air we breathe.   They come from the cleaning materials in our homes, furniture, carpeting and other synthetic fabrics, the herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed on our foods, in the parks, in our yards and then tracked into the home and kennel.  They are literally everywhere in today's modern industrial society.  Our pets are exposed to greater loads of toxins than we are, as many of these toxins settle to the ground or on the floor, where they spend all their time. Fitness Fuel Alkaline Water Concentrate to your pet’s daily drinking water supply, you can help detoxify your most cherished family companion and fight diseases naturally  Alkaline Water has no nutritional or medicinal value to cure disease; all it does is neutralize the acid wastes in the pet’s body and liquefy them for elimination by the kidneys.

How can we detoxify our pets?

Simple!  By adding 2 oz.  Fitness Fuel Alkaline Water Concentrate to your pet’s daily drinking water supply, you can help detoxify your most cherished family companion and fight diseases naturally  Alkaline Water has no nutritional or medicinal value to cure disease; all it does is neutralize the acid wastes in the pet’s body and liquefy them for elimination.

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