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Ask the Vet

Dr. Jim Kramer

Dr. Jim Kramer is both a leader in the veterinary community and an accomplished professional speaker and humorist. In both pet care and life, Dr. Jim blends compassion and wit with a healthy dose of irreverence to help us widen our vision through understanding and laughter.

Dr. Jim is a talented and creative presenter, addressing diverse audiences across the United States and Canada. His presentations often include songs and poetry, and they always include laughter. His critically-acclaimed seminars, which draw upon his nearly two decades of experience as a veterinarian and observer of human and animal nature, are as follows:

  • Applied Humor: Dealing with Loss and Frustration
  • Learning from Nature: The Human-Animal Bond
  • Pet Loss

Dr. Jim has also authored one book--A Gift from Rex: Guiding Children Through Life and Loss.

Dr. Jim and his wife (Dr.) Ann are partners in the Columbus (Nebraska) Animal Hospital, which is one of the elite group of veterinary hospitals accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Their practice is also a leading referral center for orthopedic and soft tissue disorders, which makes Dr. Jim the perfect authority to consult on the Earth’s Balance ProBiotic Family of Products.

Dr. Jim conducted a review of 52 cases where Earth’s Balance ProBiotic Solutions were used to treat clinical problems in dogs and cats. Ear infections comprised 24 of the cases, with the other 28 being skin-related complaints.

Dr. Jim, how did Earth’s Balance work for ear infections?
"The effect was quite positive. The Earth's Balance product was used exclusively (no cleaning, flushing, antibiotics, cleansing agents or any other product was utilized). Owners were instructed to apply 2-4 drops of the concentrate 2-4 times daily depending on the severity of the problem. For these infections, which included yeast, bacterial and mixed infections, Earth’s Balance provided a natural relief and control of the infection. For some chronic cases that had been refractive to traditional therapies, the Earth’s Balance ProBiotic treatment changed the nature of the infection into something that was curable by traditional means"

How did Earth’s Balance work for the pet’s skin problems?
"The skin cases included hotspots, generalized pruritis, and dandruff. In some cases the ProBiotic skin spray was used by itself with overwhelming results. In other cases, it was added as adjunct therapy along with other more traditional treatments. Owners were instructed to apply the skin spray to the affected area twice daily. Several lesions that were refractory to traditional treatment methods responded once the ProBiotic spray was added to the therapy combination being used."

What was the overall client reaction to trying these new products?
"It was very favorable for 4 reasons:

  1. Many people welcomed the approach as holistic, herbal or natural. Many people used these kinds of therapies themselves and believe in them. They were happy with us for being open-minded.
  2. Some people did not want to commit to alternatives such as laser surgery and allergy testing until we had explored less expensive and/or invasive alternatives. They saw the Earth’s Balance ProBiotic approach as us looking out for them.'
  3. Many people wanted to do something while they were saving for or adjusting to more elaborate procedures, or while we were awaiting laboratory results. Earth’s Balance ProBiotic Solution gave us something helpful that we could do right away.
  4. Many people wanted to do everything they could to impact the problem and give their dog or cat relief. This provided us with another helpful thing for them to do.

The Earth’s Balance ProBiotic Family of Products have a pivotal role in the veterinary treatment arsenal. These ProBiotic solutions have wide applications in a variety of cases and are in line with Dr. Jim’s commitment to DO NO HARM in the pet treatment process. Therefore, I not only recommend Earth’s Balance ProBiotic Solutions to veterinarians and pet owners, I suggest that they use them in place of harmful antibiotics."

For more questions for Dr. Jim regarding the Earth’s Balance ProBiotic Family of Products, and for more information about the great Dr. Jim, call 1-800-722-7088 or visit the following websites: or

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