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Millennium Lawns, Inc./Earth's Balance Health is committed to developing and marketing unique, effective problem solving products for the Pet and Lawn/Garden Industries, utilizing natural and organic ingredients, enzymes and biostimulants, along with cutting edge technology that will help detoxify the earth.

What problems are plaguing the pet owner and homeowner?
To name a few: dog urine burns in lawns, offensive cat litter box odors, cat spray odors, doggie breath, gas and odors, trash scavengers, garden scavengers, cats scratching furniture and walls, dogs chewing furniture and clothing, pet stains and odors in carpeting, old carpet stains that have been unable to be removed, cats climbing on Christmas Trees, weak stressed lawns due to overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, expensive aerating and dethatching of lawns.

What are you doing to help detoxify the earth?
Prove to yourself that the natural solution is the best solution. All products are 100% guaranteed. What have you got to lose?....... Your problems are over.

Find A Product That is Best for You!

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